Our School Library


Our school library encourages curiosity, enthusiasm for knowledge and problem-solving. It plays a key role and enriches the cultural and social life of the school. The school library is a central point for all kinds of reading, activities, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking and discussion. We provide materials and resources that entertain and inspire as well as services offering space for people and information to come together. The library welcomes students in and provides a safe space for them to interact in a variety of activities.

The library’s collections, services and environment are all designed to help our school meet its targets and goals for raising student achievement. With a flexible multi-use approach, the library’s open plan and vast physical space enables a range of activities including quiet reading, study, collaboration, use of netbooks and browsing the careers section.

The school library is open as outlined below:

Monday 8.15 am -3.45pm

Tuesday 8.15 am -3.45pm

Wednesday 8.15 am – 3.45pm

Thursday 8.15 am -3.45pm

Friday 8.15 am -3 pm

A copy of the school newsletter can be collected from the library, viewed on the TV screen in the library or on social media platforms. The library newsletter outlines events, activities, competitions, book recommendations, the book of the month and any exciting events that are coming up. So keep an eye out for it!


Library Policies

Library Clubs

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