St Michael's Wing

The St Michael’s WING is the highest award and commendation that the school presents.

The St Michael’s WING rewards students who embody the school values through their words, actions, attitudes and being over a course of time.

The St Michael’s WING is awarded to those who embrace and adopt values of mercy, integrity, care and compassion, humility, achievement, equality, leadership and service all bound within a spirit of Christian love and action.

Students carry values cards that are a daily reminder of what the school esteems and teaches them to be.

Staff are encouraged to look out for opportunities whereby students demonstrate aspects of the school’s ideals and principles and recognise those characteristics.

Over the course of time, students who begin to naturally show the school’s values through speech and action will move through the different value levels to ultimately being awarded the St Michael’s WING.

The WING is not a mark of an ‘I’ve made it’ attitude but recognises a student who has gone above and beyond and has developed spiritually, morally, socially and culturally and is ready for life in modern Britain.

St Michael's Values Card System

At St Michael’s, we award students for living out the values of our school. Our core values are foundational to who we are and what we do. Each student will be given a values card and asked to look for opportunities whereby they can ‘live out’ our values. Staff will sign values cards to recognise when students have clearly demonstrated one or more of the school values.


Once students have collected 8 signatures from staff they will be awarded a wing and then can move up to the next level.

There are 4 levels;

Level 1 – Bronze

Level 2 – Silver

Level 3 – Gold

Level 4 – Platinum

Hall of Fame