If you have any questions about careers, university or generally about your future, do not hesitate to contact Mr P Stafford.

In Year 7

Careers Education and Guidance is very important in early years at school.

  • You will be introduced to Unifrog, an online careers resource. Kudos will give you all the information you need to make important decisions about future careers and what subjects, courses and training you can do to reach your career destination. If you are unsure of what careers you might be interested in, Unifrog can give ideas based on what you like and dislike. You can also discover what careers your subjects can lead to. Unifrog is packed with information on what employers are looking for, what you can earn and what qualifications you will need for a particular career.
  • You will be introduced to the Careers Library and learn careers research skills

In Year 8

  • You will continue to use Unifrog.

In Year 9

  • You will continue to use Unifrog.
  • You will have to make your subject choices for GCSE. It is important that you keep as broad a range of subjects as possible over and above the core subjects.
  • You will complete a careers questionnaire to look at your career ideas for the future.
  • You will take part in a variety of activities – e.g. university visits to see what life is like.