Our Vision

A broad and balanced curriculum that is delivered innovatively through quality pedagogy and practice.

A blended curriculum offer ensures that our students become knowledgeable in their subject areas whilst being able to apply this knowledge to academic scenarios and the wider world. At the heart of our curriculum will be our communication endpoints, including reading and personal development. Our children flourish as a direct result of Christian teaching, which is central to our school’s vision, ethos, and mission. Embedded within our curriculum are our Christian values, which underpin our ethos:


At St Michael’s, we provide a curriculum and extended curriculum experience that produces young people who are ready for life beyond school, whether that be full-time education or the world of work.

We deliver a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum that meets the needs of every young person, regardless of their prior attainment or background. Again, our last inspection confirmed this: “The school’s curriculum contains an appropriate range of subjects in each year. In key stage 4, a balance of academic and vocational options ensures that pupils study subjects that motivate and interest them. The key stage 3 curriculum has a strong focus on English and mathematics, with a view to strengthening pupils’ basic skills.” Ofsted


The curriculum is structured, through the timetable, to support our ethos. Again, this was recognised by HMI on our last inspection: “…Leaders regularly evaluate the curriculum and make changes when they think they are necessary. For example, the school moved from lessons of 50 minutes to lessons of 100 minutes. Leaders made this change to reduce movement around the large school site and so make more-productive use of lesson time. The change has proved successful. The curriculum effectively supports students’ academic and personal development. It has contributed well to improving teaching and students’ behaviour.

Here is how our curriculum is planned by year group:-

Through middle leadership, every department has developed a carefully sequenced curriculum, starting with our Discovery curriculum in Year 7 and culminating in a wide offering of subjects in KS4. An extensive, and award-winning, CPD programme helps to embed the skills to underpin our successful curriculum delivery.

We offer a range of work-related learning activities. These include mock interviews, university visits, FE college presentations, career events, and work experience, in order to prepare our students for the best possible start in life and enhance their cultural capital.

An extensive range of extracurricular clubs, visits, and activities supplements the curriculum and further embeds the strength of our student’s cultural capital. These include sporting, music, and drama activities and also several opportunities to serve in the local community. Our extracurricular offering increases our student’s life experience and helps promote healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Weekly personal, social, citizenship, and economic (PSCE) education lessons cover local, national, and global issues. They help students to develop a good understanding of British values, including respect for and tolerance of others. Additionally, these lessons promote the importance of good mental health and wellbeing, ensuring Form Tutors act as conduits, to inform students and signpost support mechanisms available within the school and the community.

Assessment and Marking

Key Stage 3 Assessment and Reporting

Heads of Departments