Guided Options

Welcome to the Guided Options page.

The curriculum offer at St Michael’s aims to support our students to achieve their full potential. As such, we offer a variety of courses that lead to academic and vocational qualifications and provide pathways to education, apprenticeships or employment beyond the age of 16. When deciding on their choices, it is important to balance subjects that reflect their abilities, talents, and interests.

As part of the Guided Options process, students will be directed to the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) pathway or the general pathway. Students on the EBacc pathway will study core subjects, a language, and either geography or history. Students on the general pathway will also have the opportunity to study a language for the EBacc as well if they wish to.


On Wednesday the 31st of January, we hosted a Year 9 Guided Options Evening. Mr Bending, Assistant Headteacher, delivered a presentation in the main theatre to support our students and their families in making well-informed choices about the courses available to them in Key Stage 4. Students and parents were welcome to join any of the presentations and had the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the Guided Options process. Please click on the image below to access Mr Bending’s presentation.

On Thursday the 29th of February, we will be holding our Year 9 Parents’ Evening. This is an opportunity to meet with all of your child’s subject teachers to discuss the progress they are currently making. You will also be able to ask further questions about subject content in Key Stage 4, and how this is assessed.

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