Senior Mental Health Lead

Kerry Whitehouse is our Senior Mental Health Lead.  Kerry has completed training with the National College, Anna Freud Centre and Leeds Beckett University to support the development of a stategic whole school approach to mental health.  She is a passionate advocate for mental health and wellbeing, who works closely with the local authority and national networks to showcase good practice and enhance provision.


Mrs Kerry Whitehouse
School Engagement Development Manager / Senior Mental Health Lead
T: 0121 561 6881
Mrs Kerry Whitehouse

Wellbeing Advisory Board

The wellbeing advisory board, set up in 2020, provides strategic direction and leadership to ensure the mental health and wellbeing of the St Michael’s community is considered a high priority. The board is made up of representatives of our whole school community, including, staff, students, parents and a linked mental health and wellbeing governor.


The vision of the wellbeing advisory board is to reflect on current practices and consult as a collective, to further implement high quality; evidence-based provision. We develop ideas and new innovative initiatives to support and enrich our mental health and wellbeing offer.


Throughout the process the wellbeing advisory board ensure that all strategies consider our core aim, which is to; instil values of mercy, integrity, courage and compassion, humility, achievement, leadership and service all bound within a spirit of Christian love and action.


The wellbeing advisory board focus on:

  • Collective consultation to include staff, students, parents and where appropriate service led partnerships.
  • Challenging the stigma surrounding mental health with an understanding that wellbeing is a cultural issue and one that should not be treated as an ‘extra’ responsibility.
  • Embracing systemic change through planning and processes that can have an impact at multiple levels.


If you would like to find out more information about our wellbeing advisory board please contact Kerry Whitehouse.