As a school, we have been on a transformational journey of improvement over the last few years. To review and enhance provision, we have embraced the School Mental Health Award and used it as a structure and framework to fully embed a culture of mental health and wellbeing (MHWB) and to ensure the very best provision for the whole school community.

Our work to fully embed a culture of mental health and wellbeing has been recognised by the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, and we have achieved a gold standard award.

Doctor Steve Burton, Interim Dean of Leeds Beckett’s Carnegie School of Education, said: “Achieving this award is not just recognition of a whole-school approach to mental health, it’s a recognition of the school’s commitment to improving the life chances of children and engaging with the wider community including staff and parents/carers.  We’re truly proud to have worked with St Michael’s in this vital work and look forward to further collaboration.”  


Dean Johnstone, founder and CEO of Minds Ahead, said: “This award shines a light on the excellent work schools are doing to promote mental health for their community of children and adults. It is thrilling and humbling to learn about St Michael’s Church of England High School and the many other schools engaged in the quality award process. I’d like to offer my congratulations on this deserved recognition.”