Senior Leadership Team

St Michael’s Church of England High School Leadership Team is responsible for the local leadership and management of the school on behalf of the Governing Board, within the strategic framework. The Leadership Team has responsibility and accountability for:

  • the School Improvement Plan
  • educational standards, delivery of teaching & learning, curriculum and timetable
  • staffing including management, recruitment, training and PMR
  • student assessment and results
  • attendance & behaviour
  • safeguarding & wellbeing
  • parent & community liaison


Mrs Handy-Rivett Headteacher: Strategy & Finance/Staff & Student Wellbeing
Mr Brooks Deputy Headteacher: Whole School Progress & Assessment
Ms Jeffreys Deputy Headteacher: Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
Mrs Beardsmore Assistant Headteacher: Student Welfare & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Bending Assistant Headteacher: KS3 Progress & Director of Pupil Premium
Mr Hill Assistant Headteacher: Facilities & Resources & Vocational Education
Mr Mackinney Assistant Headteacher: Timetable & Curriculum & Standards Verifier for Vocational Qualifications


Associates to the Leadership Team

Mrs Hill Deputy Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour
Mr Smith Deputy Assistant Headteacher for Numeracy
Mr Graham Associate Assistant Headteacher for Pastoral
Ms Loucas Associate Assistant Headteacher for CTLA (students)
Mr Sargent Associate Assistant Headteacher for CTLA (staff)

Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Mrs Graham Senior SENCO (Years 7, 10 & 11), Year 6 SEND Transition Lead and Focus Provision Lead
Ms Caan SENCO (Years 8 & 9)
Mrs Stockton Senior Administrative Officer (Inclusion)


Pastoral Team

Mr Howden Head of Year 7
Miss Gardner Head of Year 8
Mr Mole Head of Year 9
Miss Mycock Head of Year 10
Mr Dix Head of Year 11
Miss Preston Assistant Head of Year 7
Miss Gilbert (maternity cover) Assistant Head of Year 8
Mr Turner Assistant Head of Year 9
Miss Thompson Assistant Head of Year 10 & Year 11
Mrs Mills Vulnerable Students Coordinator/Deputy Safeguarding Officer