St Michael’s Church of England High School has a long history of providing strong pastoral support to its students, ensuring they learn, develop and grow into well-rounded individuals who leave school with good academic grades.

Over the years, the role of the Pastoral Team has evolved to meet the ever-changing issues that our students face. As a result, we have been able to offer pioneering programmes such as 21st Century Child, which offers informative talks and presentations by guest speakers and advice/ guidance to parents about issues children face in today’s society.

Heads of Year

Mrs W Hill – Deputy Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour – wendy.hill@st-michaels.sandwell.sch.uk

Mr Graham – Associate Assistant Headteacher for Pastoral – jordan.graham1@st-michaels.sandwell.sch.uk

Head of Year 7 Mr D Howden
Head of Year 8 Miss C Gardner
Head of Year 9 Mr L Mole
Head of Year 10 Miss K Mycock
Head of Year 11 Mr S Dix

Assistant Heads of Year

The Assistant Heads of Year roles are:

Miss Preston – Assistant Head of Year 7 and Transition, Behaviour and Refocus 

Miss Preston oversees the running of the school’s ‘Refocus’ facility, ensuring students have a clear understanding of why they may have fallen short of the school’s expectations and that they learn from their mistakes and move forward in a positive manner. The role also provides a more consistent approach when dealing with behaviour across all year groups. In addition, Miss Preston liaises with local primary schools to work with children who choose St Michael’s as their secondary school. The benefits of this include a smoother transition for the Year 6 students, closer ties with primaries and early identification of students who may need additional support at St Michael’s.


Mrs Bowerman – Assistant Head of Year 8

In addition to being the Assistant Head of Year 8, Mrs Bowerman ensures that all students in Year 8 have strong pastoral support to help them with their revision, exams and after school plans.


Mr Turner – Assistant Head of Year 9 and Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH)

As well as assisting the Head of Year 9, Mr Turner’s role within the school, alongside Ms Thompson, is to support students across all year groups with respect to mental health and well-being. He also works closely with external agencies to provide numerous options for students to access the help they require whilst at school.


Ms Winsper – Assistant Head of Year 10 and 11

With Ms Thompsom, Ms Winsper supports students in Years 10 and 11 to prepare for their exams, through supporting them to develop revision techniques, deal with the workload and manage any stress that they may experience.


Ms Thompson – Assistant Head of 10 and 11 and Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH)

As well as assisting the Head of Year 10 and 11, Ms Thompson liaises closely with Mr Turner and Ms Preston to ensure the transition between key stages is seamless and that students continue to receive the best possible support. Alongside Mr Turner, Ms Thompson’s role within the school is to support students across all year groups with respect to mental health and well-being. She also works closely with external agencies to provide a range of options for students to access the help they require whilst at school.



All of the pastoral team conduct one to one sessions with students. In addition, group interventions are delivered by the pastoral team, including visits from outside agencies. The pastoral team members attend relevant meetings regarding student behaviour, attendance, and welfare. The pastoral team liaises with professionals and families using a multi-agency approach.

Home School Partnership

The success of our school’s aims relies on the fruitful partnership between our children’s parents and the school.

Partnership with parents

We work together with you to guarantee our students are achieving their full potential. We invite you to attend the following events in our school calendar:

  • Parents’ evenings
  • Year group-specific information evenings/meetings
  • subject and revision evenings
  • concerts and school productions
  • celebration events
  • parent focus groups
  • information evenings


We feel that communication between school and home is absolutely vital and we keep you informed of what is going on in the school through:

  • our website
  • frequent emails and text messages
  • annual school report
  • regular interim reports
  • letters
  • our termly school newsletter