St Michael’s Church of England High School believes that a strong Personal, Social, Citizenship, and Economics (PSCE) education is important to help our students develop into well-rounded members of society, who are able to make a positive contribution to their community.

The vision for students, staff, and others linked to our school is always to look to achieve our personal best in every aspect of school life.

  • Our school is one where everyone is encouraged and supported to achieve their personal best.
  • Our school is welcoming and inclusive, has a real community feel and is a place where everyone is valued.
  • Our students and staff treat each other equitably, fairly, with kindness and with mutual respect. At all times, staff and pupils are encouraged to show high regard for the needs and feelings of others through their actions and words.
  • Our students and staff are enterprising and approach challenges with a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • The needs and interests of all students, irrespective of gender, culture, ability or aptitude, will be promoted through an inclusive and varied PSCE curriculum at our school.
  • Our environment is safe and clean with everyone sharing responsibility for it.
  • Our culture is one of continuous improvement, creativity and enthusiasm.

Curriculum Journey