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Curriculum SMSC & British Values

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(What Will I study?)

Unit 1—Living With The Physical Environment

  • The challenge of natural hazards— tectonic hazards, tropical storms, extreme weather in the UK and climate change
  • Physical landscapes in the UK— Coastal landscapes and river landscapes
  • The living world—ecosystems, tropical rainforests and cold environments

Unit 2— Challenges In The Human Environment

  • Urban issues and challenges—population and growth of cities
  • The changing economic world— quality of life, global development gap and social & cultural changes in urban areas
  • The challenge of resource management— the global distribution of food, water and energy resources and in-depth study of one of global energy distribution

Unit 3—Geographical Applications

  • Section A— a pre-release booklet linked to exam questions
  • Section B—Fieldwork questions

Typical Lesson/Homework Activities.

(How will I study?)

Compulsory two fieldwork visits in contrasting locations

Birmingham City Centre—Urban Study

Cardingmill Valley – River Study

Real life case studies matched to pupils experience

Booklet and group work

Past exam paper practice

Success Criteria

(How will I be assessed?)

Paper 1: Unit 1—Living With The Physical Environment (35% of final assessment)

Paper 2: Unit 2— Challenges In The Human Environment (35% of final assessment)

Paper 3: Unit 3—Geographical Applications (30% of final assessment)

Succession Paths Post-16

(What can I do with this qualification?)

Did you know there are more Accountants who have Geography degrees than Maths degrees? Geographers offer a wide range of skills that employers need and want especially in the employment market at the moment. Whether you choose to go to work or go onto further study Geographers are in great demand.

Here are just some of the careers – Armed Services, Teaching, Surveying, Architecture, Civil Service, Leisure and Tourism Industry, Estate Agency, Planning, Transport and Communications

AS/ A Level Geography

Geography Degree—either BA or BSc

Exam Specification

Geography GCSE Exam Specification