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Options Information

Qualification Name

BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Acting)

Exam Board

Pearson Edexcel

Type (e.g. GCSE/BTEC Certificate)

BTEC Tech Award (GCSE level)

Level (1,2 or both)

1 and 2

GLH (Guided Learning Hours)


Course Content Outline

(What will I study?)

This is a highly practical and theory based course, in which you provide evidence for your work in a variety of ways.

Your evidence for all types of assessment might be a performance, a video diary, a logbook, a power point presentation, a lecture demo or any combination from this list.

Component 1 – Exploring the Performing Arts

Component 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts

Component 3 – Performing to a Brief

The BTEC Level 2 Tech Award has the exact same worth/points as a GCSE. The grading is Distinction*, Distinction, Merit, Pass. This is equivalent is GCSE grade 8/9 for Distinction*, GCSE grade 7 for Distinction, GCSE grade 5/6 for Merit, GCSE grade 4 for Pass.

Typical Lesson/Homework Activities

(How will I study?)

Students learn through experience, seeing theatre and making theatre for themselves. Students are introduced to a wide range of theatrical styles and contexts as they explore plays practically and work on performances. Pupils will:

  • enjoy and appreciate performance
  • enjoy working in a group
  • enjoy exploring ideas creatively
  • want to develop their self-confidence, concentration, self-discipline and communication skill

Success Criteria

(How will I be assessed?)

The course is made up of three components: two that are internally assessed and one that is externally assessed. The three-block structure, explore, develop and apply, has been developed to allow students to build on and embed their knowledge. This allows them to grow in confidence and then put into practice what they have learned.

The assessment structure is also designed so that students can build on what they learn, and develop their skills, as they move through the course.

The combination of internal and external assessment means students will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need and then have the opportunity to put this learning into practice through a real-life scenario.

Component 1 requires students to study a range of performance Genre and Styles and their relation with performance / theatre roles and responsibilities.

Component 2. Students will perform from script. They will collect evidence in rehearsals to demonstrate their understanding of the play requirements and their own development as a performer. Students will then perform for their acting grade.

Component 3 involves students devising a performance of their own from a brief that they are given from the exam board. They will perform their piece and complete 4 short formal written assessments justifying their decisions.


Mrs M Perrett, Head of Performing Arts

Mrs C Croft,  Second in Department

Succession Paths Post-16

(What can I do with this qualification?)

The Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts provides a good foundation for learners in post-16 education. It provides a suitable foundation for further study in the performing arts. Successful learners at level 2 may also consider general qualifications at level 3, such as A levels in Drama and Theatre Studies. The qualification does reflect the needs of employers and further and higher education institutions.

Exam Specification