We have launched the Year 11 Revision Challenge to provide structure and support for students in the run-up to their mock exams. The Revision Challenge is the Year 11 homework until after the mock exams. Students will have their homework checked once a week by their class teacher in each subject to ensure they have completed it. This provides flexibility for students to complete subjects on a different day if they are unable to complete the tasks on the day set. Each week, teachers will sign your child’s A5 Revision Challenge to confirm they have completed it. We have also listened to student feedback and spread the same number of tasks over a longer time so students have more time to do them.

Each subject has a number beside it that relates to the task students need to complete for that evening. These tasks can be found in their revision booklets, which are below.  Each booklet provides the topic to work on, the resources the students can use, and the task to complete.