University Information

To apply for a place at university, please visit the UCAS website. You will also be able to research available courses at every university in the UK.

Students wishing to apply for Medical and Dental degree programmes should visit  for information on the UK Clinical Aptitude Test used in the student selection process

Open Days at University

Before attending please complete the pro forma in the Careers Department and pass onto your PT. Look at the Open Days Website for up-to-date information on University Open Days across the UK by institution or date order.

Want to go abroad to University?

Some students today go to study abroad rather than staying in England. For more information on this visit the study overseas website or the British Council website.

For advice on studying in the United States, visit the Fulbright Commission website.

Trouble with funding and grants for university?

We offer evenings about grants and loans for university, you may also find the following sites useful:

Increasing Employability

The Skills Employers Want

  • Verbal Communication: The ability to express your ideas confidently in speech
  • Written Communication: The ability to express yourself clearly in writing
  • Team Work: The ability to work effectively with other people
  • Problem Solving: The ability to offer solutions to problems
  • Time Management: The ability to be punctual, reliable and work to deadlines
  • Flexibility: The ability to adapt to changing situations
  • Planning and Organising: The ability to plan activities and carry them out effectively
  • Drive: The ability and determination to make things happen
  • Numeracy Skills: The ability to work with numbers
  • Honesty and Integrity: The ability to be honest and display a good character

For a guide on writing a curriculum vitae (CV), please click here.